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Match made in Market:

Startups<>CMOaaS Speed Dating

Sunday, March 17th, 10:00 - 14:00
Microsoft Reactor, Midtown Tower, Begin 144, Level 50, Tel Aviv

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Ready to introduce your startup to the world?
Join us at Microsoft Reactor for a unique morning of speed dating with top marketing experts, providing freelance CMO Service

Meet experienced marketing experts, offering freelance flexible, equity-free solutions.
Guest speaker: Amir Barkol

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And keep your fingers crossed -

only 15 startups can participate

Speed-date with pre-vetted, experienced CMOaaS with proven track records in boosting marketing success.

Meet your marketing match

No equity, no sweat

Avoid the hassle of VC negotiations and discover budget-friendly, part-time marketing strategists.

Network like a pro

Build your network with fellow entrepreneurs and marketing leaders facing similar challenges

What's on the agenda?

10:00 - Meeting and Greeting

10:30 -  Speed dating session 1

11:30 - Break

12:00 - Amir Barkol - Social Media Manager, Microsoft Israel

12:30-13:30 Speed dating session 2

And keep your fingers crossed -

Only 15 spots available

Guest Speaker: 
Amir Barkol

Social Media Manager at Microsoft, Geektime’s Marketer of the Year 2023,. The marketing star who made those ugly sweaters the most desired fashion item in the Tech community... alongside some more serious steps.

What's CMO-as-a-Service?

What is CMO

Marketing a startup is like falling in love: exciting, exhilarating, and a little terrifying. Suddenly it's time to make your brilliant idea public. How would the public treat it? And more importantly - how much will it cost us?!
It doesn't have to be so scary, though. You can take on an experienced marketing pro, no equity or title needed. The new field of freelance, part time CMO-as-a-Service was born just for this stage.   TheList LTD 516720760

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