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CMO As a Service

CMO as a Service (CMOaaS) provides your startup with a handpicked, seasoned marketing expert who is specifically chosen for your needs.

Hire and  manage initial marketing teams
Develop and implement  market penetration strategy
Build scalable, robust digital assets
💪🏼  No Equity  | 💰 No extra costs  | ⚜️ No strings attached |  💵 Deductible  |  🕞 Part time Freelance

About us:

We are your go-to solution for finding the perfect freelance marketing expert. With over 15 years of experience in the digital space, we have the expertise to vet freelancers and understand your unique needs.


We've partnered with numerous startups, learning firsthand about the "first marketer dilemma." That's why we've developed CMO as a Service (CMOaaS) to help you conquer this challenge.

Need a Specific Freelancer? Absolutely!

Our primary business is matching companies with their ideal freelance marketing solution. Check it out here.

  • Can We Hire a CMOaaS as a Full-time Employee?
    While most CMOaaS professionals thrive on tackling various challenges, if they find their calling at your startup and you see them as the perfect fit, we won't stand in your way. We'd be thrilled for you to grow together!
  • Can CMOaaS Be a Part-time Freelancer?
    Definitely! In fact, many startups find that a part-time arrangement best suits their budget and needs. Our CMOaaS experts typically work with 2-4 startups simultaneously, balancing their time and expertise effectively.
  • Can CMOaaS Help Recruit Our Marketing Team and VP? Isn't It Against Their Interest?
    Quite the opposite! CMOaaS professionals are curious, creative individuals who enjoy moving from one challenge to another. They take pride in building a strong marketing foundation for your startup and then moving on to new adventures. They don't just agree to these terms – they actively choose them.
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